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Proprietors;- Mr A.J. Nailer HNC BA G4CFY, Mrs J.R. Nailer. 


Phone UK 01305 262250 International 0044 1305 262250

Please email or phone for a quote or to place an order by credit/debit card or for a Paypal money request. Purchase of several items is likely to make a saving on postage.

Orders & quote requests to  jean@spectrumcomms.co.uk

Technical queries to  tony@spectrumcomms.co.uk 


BREAKING NEWS  In the Editorial in November issue PW the Editor has stated that I am unable to submit articles for the forseeable future.  This is not true!  I am quite capable of submitting articles for Doing it By Design and for Technical for the Terrified BUT the Publisher for the new owner is unwilling to even discuss a requested small increase in my remuneration nor the shared copyright agreement and arrangement I had with the previous owners. 

The Editor has further threatened that he will find other authors for my series and may not then be in a position to accept submissions from me.  Considering the attitude taken by the Publisher and the Editor I will not be unhappy to retire as a PW author.  I had not contemplated a retirement BUT having done this every month, with the exception of just two or three issues, since 2004, consuming on average in excess of 1/10 of my time, maybe it is time to stop.

Spectrum Communications was established as a part-time business by Tony Nailer G4CFY in October 1978.  In August 1981 following the legalization of CB in the UK there was sufficient work and CB sales for both Tony & wife Jean for full time employment.  CB popularity declined steadily to a very low level by about 2000 and for the following 4 years sales were almost at unsustainable levels.  Following becoming an author with PW in 2004 and developing new projects for the Doing It By Design series, sales have risen back to make us busier than ever. I became author of another PW series In 2005 titled Technical For The Terrified.

G2DYM Aerials was purchased from Richard Benham-Holman G2DYM on 30 October 2006.  

Since 2010 we have steadily expanded our stocks of specialist RF components and now half the orders are for component parts.  About 50% of sales are exported. 

Garex Electronics was purchased from Peter Longhurst G3ZVI on 1 December 2011.

T4T Books I & II small.jpg Book 1 includes the first 27 articles of Technical for the Terrified, of which I am the author published in PW between February 2005 and August 2009 and have been compiled into a 124 page book of the same name. The writing style is aimed to be easy to read and should be of great value to readers of all technical levels.  Subjects include; a little maths, inductors & capacitors, DC circuits, transistor biasing, dB's, amplifiers, diodes & rectification, the superhet, SSB & CW, FM & AM, bandwidth, Q, antennas & feeders, band-pass circuits, RF/IF amplifiers, phase locked loops, HF transceivers, filtering in receivers, mixers, FET RF amplifiers.  Price is 12.00 plus 3.50 P&P.

Book 2 now available at 12 plus 3.50 P&P.  Buy both books and pay only a single 3.50 P&P.  Book 2 reproduces the next 23 articles from PW up to June 2013 and deals with components, equivalent circuits, crystal oscillators, amplifier stability, analogue low pass filters, transmitting ATU's, the superhet receiver, feeder cables and transmission lines, antenna gain and bandwidth, measuring RF power and SWR, measuring AC & DC voltage - inductance - capacitance - frequency & Q, circuit analysis, broadcast and television interference, singly balanced mixers, laying out PCB's, antenna advice for the listener, antenna tuning and the noise bridge, more on antennas and feeders, receiving 100kHz to 30MHz, homebrew receivers for the HF amateur bands, and circuit matching.  Just so much in it.